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Before this announcement, Valve teased the discharge by e-mailing a number of images to Mac neighborhood and gaming web sites; the photographs featured characters from Valve games with Apple logos and parodies of classic Macintosh advertisements. Valve developed a full video homage to Apple's 1984 Macintosh commercial to announce the supply of Half-Life 2 and its episodes on the service; some idea images for the video had beforehand been used to tease the Mac Steam consumer. Valve has additionally eliminated or threatened to remove games as a result of inappropriate or mature content material, though there was typically confusion as to what materials certified for this, corresponding to a variety of mature, but non-pornographic visible novels being threatened. For instance, Eek Games' House Party included scenes of nudity and sexual encounters in its unique launch, which drew criticism from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, leading Valve to take away the title from the service. Eek Games were later in a position to satisfy Valve's requirements by including censor bars inside the game and permitting the sport to be readded to Steam, though provided a patch on their website to remove the bars.

Internal beta testing of the Linux shopper began in October 2012; external beta testing occurred in early November the identical 12 months. Open beta clients for Linux had been made out there in late December 2012, and the shopper was officially released in mid-February 2013. At the time of announcement, Valve's Linux division assured that its first recreation on the OS, Left 4 Dead 2, would run at an appropriate body rate and with a degree of connectivity with the Windows and Mac OS X versions. From there, it started working on porting other games to Ubuntu and increasing to different Linux distributions. Versions of Steam working under Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux had been released by October 2013.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation took credit for convincing Valve to target these games. However, Valve later rescinded its orders, allowing these video games to stay and telling the builders Valve would re-evaluate the games and inform them of any content material that may have to be modified or removed. In September 2017, Valve eliminated 170 video games developed by Silicon Echo that they'd launched over a period of a few months in 2017, after the implementation of Steam Direct.

The staff developing the Linux client had been working for a year earlier than the announcement to validate that such a port would be potential. As of the official announcement, a close to-feature-full Steam client for Linux had been developed and efficiently run on Ubuntu.

In September 2013, Valve unveiled SteamOS, a customized Linux-based operating system they had developed specifically aimed for working Steam and video games, and the final concept of the Steam Machine hardware. Unlike different consoles, the Steam Machine doesn't have set hardware; its expertise is implemented at the discretion of the manufacturer and is fully customizable, much like a personal pc. In August 2018, Valve released a beta version of Proton, an open-supply Windows compatibility layer for Linux, so that Linux users might run Windows games instantly via Steam for Linux, removing the need to set up the Windows version of Steam in Wine. Proton is composed of a set of open-source tools together with Wine and DXVK among others. The software allows the use of Steam-supported controllers, even those not compatible with Windows.

With the launch of Steam Direct, successfully removing any curation of games by Valve previous to being published on Steam, there have been several incidents of revealed video games that have tried to mislead Steam customers. A day after making this new policy, Valve subsequently eliminated four yet-launched games from the service that appeared to even be created to purposely create outrage, together with AIDS Simulator and ISIS Simulator.

Within a month of clarifying its definition of trolling, Valve eliminated roughly 170 video games from Steam. Valve provides Steamworks, an application programming interface that provides improvement and publishing tools to benefit from Steam shopper's options, free-of-charge to recreation and software builders. The API also offers anti-cheating devices and digital copy management. Developers of software available on Steam are able to monitor sales of their video games via the Steam retailer.

By June 2014, the variety of Linux-compatible games on Steam had reached over 500, surpassing over 1,000 by March 2015. In October 2018, Steam for Linux reached the 5,000 native video games mark. On March 8, 2010, Valve announced a client for Mac OS X. The announcement was preceded by a change within the Steam beta shopper to help the cross-platform WebKit web browser rendering engine as a substitute of the Trident engine of Internet Explorer.
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