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Q11: The valve stem fails to lift or switch properly.

Q11: The valve stem fails to lift or switch properly.




1. It is closed too tightly in the cold state; it will swell to death after being heated ;or it will be too tight after being fully opened.

2. The packing is pressed too tightly.

3. The stem clearance is too small and dies of distension.

4. The valve stem is too tight with the screw base, or the screw buckle is damaged.

5. Packing gland pressure deviation.

6. Bent door bar.

7. The medium temperature is too high,the lubricatrion is good, and the valves stem is seriously corroded.


1. After heating the valve body, slowly try to open or fully open and close slightly when it is tight.

2. Slightly loosen the packing gland and try to open it.

3. Appropriately increase stem clearance.

4. Replace the stem and thread holder.

5. Readjust packing gland bolts.

6. Straightening the door lever or replacing it.

7. The door bar is lubricated with pure graphite powder.

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