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Developers and publishers with present video games on Steam have been strongly inspired to complete these varieties for these games, whereas Valve will use moderators to ensure new games are appropriately marked. Valve also dedicated to creating anti-harassment instruments to assist builders who may find their recreation amid controversy.

While out there, customers might also buy Steam Machine associated hardware. Valve's Half-Life 2 was the first sport to require set up of the Steam shopper to play, even for retail copies.

A later modification allowed developers to place conceptual concepts on the Greenlight service to garner interest in potential tasks free-of-cost; votes from such tasks are seen solely to the developer. Valve additionally allowed non-gaming software to be voted onto the service through Greenlight. Starting in January 2015, the Steam shopper allowed players to livestream to Steam pals or the public whereas playing video games on the platform. For the primary event of The International 2018 Dota 2 tournament, Valve launched Steam.television as a significant replace to Steam Broadcasting, adding Steam chat and Steamworks integration for spectating matches performed at the occasion. Since then, it has been used for different events, corresponding to a pre-launch tournament for the digital card sport Artifact, and for The Game Awards 2018 and Steam Awards award exhibits.

Rather than trying to make decisions themselves on what content material is appropriate, Valve enhanced its filtering system to permit builders and publishers to point and justify the kinds of mature content in their video games. Users can block games that are marked with this sort of content from appearing within the retailer, and in the event that they haven't blocked it, they're presented with the description given by the developer or publisher before they can continue to the shop page.

In July 2018, the games Abstractism and Climber offered Steam stock items that used assets from different Valve video games, which have been used to mislead customers on the lookout for these for trading. Valve removed the video games, and in-built further commerce protections, warning users of trades involving recently launched games or video games they do not personal to prevent such scamming. In September 2016, Valve removed Digital Homicide Studios video games from the storefront for being 'hostile to Steam customers' following a lawsuit that the developer had issued towards a hundred unnamed Steam users for leaving unfavorable reviews of their games. Digital Homicide later dropped the lawsuit, partly because of the removing of the video games from Steam affecting their monetary ability to proceed with the lawsuit.

As these experiments mature through end-person testing, they have then been introduced into the storefront as direct features. This payment was met with some concern from smaller developers, who usually are already working in a deficit and will not have the money to cowl such charges.

This announcement followed months of speculation, primarily from the website Phoronix that had found evidence of Linux developing in recent builds of Steam and other Valve. Newell stated that getting Steam and video games to work on Linux is a key strategy for Valve; Newell known as the closed nature of Microsoft Windows eight 'a disaster for everybody in the PC space', and that Linux would keep 'the openness of the platform'. Valve is extending support to any builders that wish to deliver their video games to Linux, by 'making it as simple as possible for anyone who's engaged with us—placing their video games on Steam and getting those running on Linux', in accordance with Newell. In March 2019, Valve faced stress over Rape Day, a planned game described as being a dark comedy and energy fantasy the place the player would control a serial rapist within the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In June 2018, Valve clarified its coverage on content material, taking a extra palms-off approach rather than deem what content material is inappropriate, exterior of unlawful material.
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